Descendents of Anthony Hussell of Kentisbury and Berrynarbor, Devon

*note any "Kieft" individuals are all listed with that spelling and if the family seemed to go by an alternate spelling on a regular basis, that spelling is in parenthesis.

Generation One

1. Anthony1 Hussell  (b. 1790), b. c. 1790 in Kentisbury,Devon, Eng,1,2 resided Higher Yetland in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng,3,4 occupation Thatcher,5,6 d. Post 1861.7,8

He married Jane Tucker  (b. 1791), b. c. 1791 in Devon, Eng.9


2. i. Thomas2 Hussell  (b. 1815) b. c. 1815.

3. ii. Grace Hussell  (b. 1821) b. c. 1821.

4. iii. Anthony Hussell  (b. 1827) b. c. 1827.


Generation Two

2. Thomas2 Hussell  (b. 1815), (Anthony1) b. c. 1815 in Berrynarbor,Devon, England,10,11 resided Higher Yetland in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng,12,13 occupation Agricultural Laborer.14

In 1861 Thomas and Ann lived with Anthony Sr. in Higher Yetland, Berrynarbor.

He married Ann Daniel  (b. 1817), b. c. 1817 in Kentisbury,Devon, England,15,16 resided in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng.17

Ann: In 1851, Ann's widowed mother, Ann Daniel, age 65, was living with the family.


i. Elizabeth3 Hussell  (b. 1842), b. c. 1842 in Kentisbury, Devon, Eng.18

In 1861, Elizabeth, age20, was working as a cook in the home of Richard Blackmore in South Moulton.

5. ii. Mary Hussell  (b. 1844) b. c. 1844.

iii. James Hussell  (b. 1846), b. c. 1846 in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng.19

In 1861, James, age 15, was working as a "carter" for John Darch, next door to his parents.

iv. Ann Hussell  (b. 1849), b. c. 1849 in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng.20

v. John Hussell  (b. 1850), b. c. 1850 in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng.21

vi. Thomas Hussell Jr. . (b. 1852), b. c. 1852 in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng.22

vii. William Hussell  (b. 1855), b. c. 1855 in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng.23

In 1871, William was age 15 and working on the farm of John Darch in Berrynarbor.

3. Grace2 Hussell (b. 1821), (Anthony1) b. c. 1821 in Braunton, Devon, England.24

In 1841, Thomas and Grace and two children were living with Grace's parents in Berrynarbor.

She married Thomas (Kiff ) Kieft KieftThomas (Kiff ) (b. 1816), married 3 Mar 1838 in Coombe Martin, Devon, England,25 b. 14 Jan 1816 in West Down, Devon, England,26 (son of Thomas Kieft KieftThomas (b. 1789) and Elizabeth Ellis EllisElizabeth (b. 1791)) d. 31 Jan 1862 in Coombemartin, Devon, England,27 resided Higher Yetland in Braunton, Devon, England,28 occupation Lead Miner; Agr. laborer.29

Thomas: Note that this family seems to have gone by "Kiff". 1851 Census has Grace, Elizabeth, Grace and John in Coombemartin. Thomas was visiting Thos. Newcombe and his wife, Eliz. on Torrington La.,Biddeford (A.B.) Grace's occupation was listed as culm-miner's wife. 1861 Census has Thomas, Grace, John, Mary Ann, Thomas and Elizabeth living in Coombemartin. This time he is listed as a lead miner. Grace is a 16 year old servant in Yellaton, Coombemartin. In the 1871 census, Grace is a 50 yr.old widow, working as a dressmaker.


i. Jane (Kiff )3 Kieft  (b. 1839), b. 26 Feb 1839 in Braunton, Devon, England,30,31 resided Higher Yetland in Berrynarbor, Devon, England.32

According to Kieft researcher, Paul Billings, Jane was born in "Higher Yetland, Berrynarbor". This is according to Berrynarbor baptism records.

ii. Thomas (Kiff )  (b. 1841), b. 21 Mar 1841 in Longlake, Berrynarbor, Devon, England,33 d. c. 1851 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, resided Higher Yetland in Berrynarbor, Devon, England.34

Thomas was 3 mos old at time of 1841 Census.

According to Ann Burrell, he must have died as a child as there is no mention of him in the 1851 census and another Thomas was born in 1854.

iii. Elizabeth (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1844), b. 1844 in Coombemartin, Devon, England,35 d. c. 1857.

Ann Burrell's notes say that Elizabeth died either in 1844 or 1857. Must be 1857, as she is listed with family in 1851. Although there is a Elizabeth Kieft, b. c. 1843 Coombmartin working as a House Servant in home of Thomas and Ann Johns in Ilfracombe in 1861.

6. iv. Grace (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1845) b. 8 May 1845.

v. John (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1847), b. 1847 in Coombemartin, Devon, England,36 baptized 21 Nov 1847 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

Baptised at St. Peter ad Vincula, Coombemartin.

vi. Mary (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1850), b. 1850 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, baptized 8 Jun 1850 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, d. 16 Aug 1850 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

Baptised St. Peter ad Vincula.

vii. Mary Ann (Kiff ) Kieft (b. 1851), b. 1851 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, baptized 17 Aug 1851 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

Baptised St. Calixtus, Coombemartin.

viii. Martha (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1852), b. 1852 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

7. ix. Thomas (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1854) b. 1854.

x. Eliza (Kiff ) Kieft KieftEliza (Kiff ) (b. 1856), b. 1856 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, baptized 1 Jun 1856 in Comobemartin, Devon, England, d. 24 Sep 1857 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

xi. Elizabeth (Kiff ) Kieft (b. 1858), b. 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, baptized 7 Feb 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

Baptised St. Peter ad Vincula, Coombemartin.

xii. William (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1858), b. 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, baptized 11 Jul 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, d. 22 Sep 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

Twin of Eliza?

xiii. Eliza (Kiff ) Kieft  (b. 1858), b. 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, baptized 11 Jul 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England.

Twin of William? 1871 Census has Eliza living with her sister, Grace Bale, in Lie Bances (sp.?) Lodge, Shirwell.

4. Anthony2 Hussell (b. 1827), (Anthony1) b. c. 1827 in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng,37 occupation Farm Laborer; Lead Miner,38,39 resided in Combemartin, Devon, Eng.40,41,42

In 1851, Anthony and family lived next door to his sister, Grace H. Kieft. In 1861, Anthony and family still lived in Coombemartin.

He married Mary Ann ?? Hussell (b. 1826), b. c. 1826 in Charles, Devon, Eng.43


i. John3 Hussell (b. 1850), b. c. 1850 in Combemartin, Devon, Eng.44

ii. Mary A Hussell  (b. 1853), b. c. 1853 in Coombemartin, Devon, Eng.45

iii. Jane Hussell  (b. 1856), b. c. 1856 in Coombemartin, Devon, Eng.46

In 1871, Jane was age 15 and living with her parents.

iv. Susan Hussell  (b. 1859), b. c. 1859 in Coombemartin, Devon, Eng.47

v. William Hussell  (b. 1862), b. c. 1862 in Coombemartin, Devon, Eng.48

vi. Elizabeth Hussell  (b. 1865), b. c. 1865 in Coombemartin, Devon, Eng.49

Generation Three

5. Mary3 Hussell  (b. 1844), (Thomas2, Anthony1) b. c. 1844 in Kentisbury, Devon, Eng.50

In 1861, Mary, age 17, worked as a servant in the home of George Smallwood. Listed on same page in census as her parents.

She married (1) Unknown Unknown.


i. Thomas Henry4 Hussell (b. 1862), b. c. 1862 in Berrynarbor, Devon, England,51 occupation Mason.52

In 1881, Thomas was age 19 and living with his mother and step father in Wales.

ii. Esther Hussell (b. 1865), b. c. 1865 in Berrynarbor, Devon, Eng.53

In 1881, Esther was age 16, and living with her mother and step father in Wales.

She married (2) William Redmore  (b. 1853), married 1870, b. c. 1853 in Marwood, Devon, Eng, occupation Coal Trimmer; Dock Laborer.

William: In 1861, William was age 7, living with his parents in Marwood. Parents: John Redmore age 42, Jane Redmore, age 35. Also living with the family were William's grandmother, Mirabella Redmore, age 63 and his great grandmother, Mary Yeo, age 83.

At the time of their marriage, William was age 16 and Mary was 26.

In 1871 William, Mary and her two children lived in Berrynarbor very near Mary's parents.

In 1881, the family lived in Aberavon, GLA, Wales.

In 1891, William, daughter, Mary J. and her husband, Annie and William J. lived in Margam. William is listed as "married" as opposed to "widower", but I think Mary was deceased at this time.

In 1901, William was remarried to Charlotte and still living in Margam. Only William J. lived with them.


iii. Mary Jane Redmore (b. 1872), b. c. 1872 in Devon.54

iv. Annie Redmore  (b. 1874), b. c. 1874 in Devon, Eng.55

v. Emily Redmore  (b. 1878), b. c. 1878 in Aberavon, GLA, Wales.56

vi. William Redmore  (b. 1880), b. c. 1880 in Aberavon, GLA, Wales.57

6. Grace (Kiff )3 Kieft  (b. 1845), (Grace2 Hussell, Anthony1) b. 8 May 1845 in Coombemartin, Devon, England,58 baptized 7 Feb 1858 in Coombemartin, Devon, England, occupation Servant.

Grace was baptised at age 13, at St. Peter ad Vincula. 1861 Census, has Grace, unmarried, living as a house servant in Yellaton.

She married Thomas Bale BaleThomas (b. 1840), married 1865, b. 19 Dec 1840 in Kenstisbury, Devon, England, (son of Richard Bale BaleRichard and Mary Bowen BowenMary) occupation Laborer in Chem. Plant.

Thomas: Family lived in Coombemartin, until Lucy was born. They then migrated to Pontardawe, Wales, where the rest of the children were born. 1881 Census shows Thomas, age 40; Grace, age 36; Lucy, George, Grace, Mary and Thomas in Herbert St. The 1891 Census has Thomas, Grace and children living in Herbert St., up the road from the Williams family, with a lodger named William Rook, age 23.


i. Lucy4 Bale (b. 1868), b. 1868 in Berrynarbor, Devon, England, occupation Plate Opener.

ii. George Bale  (b. 1870), b. 1870 in Pontardawe, Wales, occupation Tin plate worker.

iii. Grace Bale  (b. 1872), b. 1872 in Pontardawe, Wales, occupation Dressmaker.

iv. Mary J. Bale  (b. 1874), b. 1874 in Pontardawe, Wales.

v. Thomas John Bale (b. 1878), b. 27 Jun 1878 in Pontardawe, Wales, d. 1947, resided Neath Road in Pontardawe, Wales, occupation Tinworker.

He married Phoebe Williams  (b. 1878), married 19 Jul 1903 in St. Peter's, Pontardawe, South Wales, b. 15 Dec 1878 in Llanguicke, Wales, d. 1957 in Pontardawe, Wales.

Phoebe: Daughter of Lewis Williams and Mary Davies.

vi. Richard Bale  (b. 1882), b. 1882 in Pontardawe, Wales.

vii. William Bale (b. 1885), b. 1885 in Pontardawe, Wales.

7. Thomas (Kiff )3 Kieft (b. 1854), (Grace2 Hussell, Anthony1) b. 1854 in Coombemartin, Devon, England,59 baptized 4 Jun 1854 in Coombemartin, Devon, England,60 occupation Railway Signalman; Prison Warden.61

Baptised St. Calixtus. Lived in Ynisymond during 1881 Census. Spelling in records listed as "Kiff".

He married Anne ?? ??Anne (b. 1854), married pre 1878, b. c. 1854 in Braunton, Devon, England.62

Anne: Surname could be Flowell, as that is middle name of her daughter.


i. Thomas4 Kieft  (b. 1878), b. c. 1878 in Glais.

ii. Anne Flowell Kieft (b. 1879), b. c. 1879 in Clydach, Swansea, Wales.

iii. Frederick John Kieft  (b. 1880), b. c. 1880 in Glais, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, occupation Watch maker.

According to grandaughter, Di Kieft Everett, Frederick was baptized with Kieft spelling of surname, but used Kift. There seemed to be a fear that Kieft was too Germanic or Jewish sounding. Had a watch making business under name of "Kift". He was originally an indentured watchmaker. His grandaughter has his indenture papers.

He married63 Ada May Hopkins HopkinsAda May.

iv. Albert Kieft (b. 1883), b. c. 1883 in Ynisummon, Glamorgan, Wales,64 occupation Steel Industry.

In 1901, Albert was age 18 and living at home. His occupation was listed as "assayer of ore".

According to great niece, Diane Kieft Everett, Albert was responsible for development of electrolytic tin plating of steel in the canning industry and also for "saving the Welsh steel industry, at some point". He was chairman of steel boards in Wales.

He married Lillian Evans .


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